About Us

Kim Lien Jewelery was established in California in 1992. Today Lien Jewelry is an iconic luxury jewelry retailer in the Oakland, CA district of Chinatown. Their first rate reputation is the result of delivering the finest quality jewelry with top notch personalized service year after year for over three decades.

This jewel of a business started with sixteen year old Lien who developed a passion for jewelry and found a way to excite other jewelry collectors with her elite collection of designer jewels. Over time, her vision has expanded. And today, two generations with over 50 years of expertise and a talented staff of 3 serve the community, speaking many languages that make every customer feel right at home.

By adding a roster of services to the business, Lien meets the many needs of the community by delivering unparalleled customer care. Every person walking through the door is given the VIP treatment at Lien Jewelry. Visit soon, and experience Lien Jewelry's personal care for yourself.


Battery Replacement
Testing Jewelry
Testing Diamond and Gold
Custom Jewelry

Ear Piercing
Clean Jewelry
Jewelry Buys and Trade-In